Fun: An Erotic Adventure With James And Hannah

At the sound of knocking, James ran to the door and opened it to find Hannah dressed like he’d never seen her before. There she stood the 5’3 blonde, her hair curled, mascara darkening her blue eyes, and red lipstick standing out against her pale skin. An orange tube top held her plump bra-less breasts and her black miniskirt rode high enough on her long slender legs that James could barely spy the sight of tight white panties already slightly darkening with her wetness. She wore shiny black heels on her tiny feet the tips opened, exposing her purple painted toes. Little did James know Hannah had worn this outfit special after receiving his text this afternoon containing a photo of his thick cock fully erect with the caption below reading: “How about some fun tonight? ;)”

“So how about that fun?” Hannah asked still standing outside the door.

Hannah had met James at a bar almost a month before. She’d ended up sleeping with him that evening. He’d been rough, forcing his cock down her throat, not letting up when she’d began gagging on it, spreading her ass cheeks and brutally fucking her asshole that hadn’t been opened in months. Hannah had loved every bit of it and had been back several times for many more sessions with James, though they’d never committed to one another or even talked about it. James was just… Fun.

He pulled her in the doorway by her waist. They kissed, running their tongues through each other’s watering mouths, both of them craving each other. Hannah was already clutching at James’ thick cock, bulging through his silk dress pants. James was already running his fingers softly over the soaking fabric of Hannah’s underwear as she began to slightly hump his hand.

“C’mon, I’ll show you our fun for the evening.” James said, taking Hannah by the hand and leading her down the stairs to the basement. Hannah was confused but she wasn’t worried, James had never done anything she didn’t enjoy and she trusted him.

When James flicked on the hanging bulb an odd contraption sat in the middle of the concrete basement floor. At the bottom of it, a small floor of wooden planks held two leather restraints at opposite ends, the back of the contraption was only wood beams which ran almost to the basement ceiling holding up a covering of planks that held another pair of leather restraints.

“I assume you know what this is for?” James asked Hannah. She shook her head yes, mouth hanging open, unable to look away from the restraining rig.

In a daze she allowed James to help her into the straps, two around her ankles so that she had to spread her legs far apart, pulling the skirt up exposing her white panties underneath, and one around each wrist so that both her arms were suspended above her head. Once she was strapped in, James wasted no time in pulling the tube top down, exposing her massive breasts and erect tits. Hannah felt humiliated hanging there for him and was embarrassed when she moaned as he licked and softly bit both her nipples, alternating between the two.

He walked around her and she could no longer see him though she could hear the clinging of his belt being undone. She felt his warm hands slid up her thighs and pull the white panties down, surprised to find they were stuck to her opening pussy with her own pre-cum. She felt his fat cock slid inside her, spreading her lips and opening her up a little more. She gasped as he pushed himself as far as he could go inside of her, his cock filling and spreading her open. Her eyes began to water as he began to pump, opening her up a little further with every thrust. She wasn’t sure completely how she felt about him fucking her so hard while she could do nothing, but her pussy flowed openly down her own legs, soaking her and James’ cock as he continued to bury himself as deep as he could. She was ashamed when she came hard and throbbing as he continued to force himself inside of her, her face blushing, eyes watering, making her mascara run down her cheeks in long black lines.

He made her cum like this more times than she could count over the next few hours, each time Hannah becoming more and more okay with being James’ personal sex toy for the evening. He was making her cum hard and if being restrained, unable to do anything about it, and completely submitting to his will got her to orgasm like this, why question it?

She was exhausted by the end of it, when he finally walked around to look at her, smiling when he saw the mascara dripping off her chin. She smiled back at him as he undid her wrist restraints, but he wasn’t finished with her just yet. He ordered her onto her knees and now fully submissive to him, she did as he asked, feeling the wooden panels on her toes.

He took her hair in his hand then, like a horse’s bridle, and pushed his cock between her lips and slowly down her throat as she started to gag. He thrust again and again, throat fucking her hard, and she could feel his dick growing bigger and bigger as he took her in just the way he pleased. Finally, after Hannah had almost thrown up several times, he launched his throbbing shaft down her throat as far as it would go, until his balls were resting on her chin, and filled her up with his cum. The sensation was too much for Hannah to withstand and she came again, soaking the wood panel and her high heels.

James pulled his long cock from her mouth dripping cum across her lips and onto her cheeks. Hannah collapsed in exhaustion from the immense orgasm, her ankles still held snugly in her leather restraints.

“So,” James questioned “Have fun?”

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